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Since 1997, the sheet metal work represents our work, our passion, our guiding thought and inspiration – this is sheet metal work Slovenia. High-end services are the achievement of our excellent team.

We are experienced masters of punching, bending, stamping, welding, grinding and assembly of sheet metal products, as well as enthusiasts for the development of technology and the possibilities it offers.

We like to cooperate and we also like to hang out … we believe that the synergy of positive energy is also reflected in our sheet metal work.

Sheet metal work products obtain a completely new reflection through the prism of our high technology, long experience and the fresh wave of knowledge and ideas! Experience sheet metal work Slovenia.

What makes us one of the top providers of sheet metal work Slovenia has?

Exceptional quality and precise manufacturing

Exceptional quality and precise manufacturing ensure the excellence of products and the entire product series


Experiences, professionalism and dedication to work accept and successfully complete each challenge in synergy


The size and structure of the company allows a quick response and full alignment with the clients’ wishes


Reliable supplier that follows the deadlines and contractual obligations. This is also confirmed by the OOO certification obtained in 2015


Optimized production – optimized price

We provide our users with high quality services and products in the field of sheet metal work, which are carried out by our own means, through the established co-operation with reliable external service providers. We enable our employees a working environment which encourages them to strive for professional and personal growth.

When requesting quality and reliability, we are here for you!


Optimize your production costs. Work with us!

What do you gain if you choose to cooperate with a reliable Slovenian company for sheet metal forming?