Sheet metal surface treatment

Sheet metal surface treatment

Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Anodizing, Tinning, Dip coating and powder coating, Screen printing

We offer our customers a complete service – sheet metal forming, and surface treatment is the last step in the process. Thus, sheet metal products obtain their final appearance, additional protection and greater functionality.

In cooperation with external contractors we provide our users with the following additional services of sheet metal surface treatment:

Zinc plating
Zinc plating is a sheet metal surface treatment protecting the steel against corrosion. We perform several galvanization procedures: transparent (white), black thick-layered which provides additional organic protection, galvanizing with zinc-nickel (black) alloy and zinc-iron (black) alloy. Black zinc plating ensures a better and longer lasting protection of the material.

Nickel plating
Nickel plating is a process of applying nickel coating, by which in addition to an improved aesthetic effect, mostly the copper and brass products are protected against corrosion and mechanical damage, and damage as a result of temperature changes.

During the anodizing with anodic oxidation the aluminum surface is treated, thus providing the surface protection, strength, durability and attractive appearance. We perform natural (colorless) or coloured (black, blue, red, gold) anodizing.

Chemical process of tinning enables excellent protection of materials against rust. This process is used to protect in particular components that are fastened by soldering in the electrical industry, as the tinning process extremely improves the soldering properties.

Dip coating and powder coating
Mechanical-chemical process, where a modern, environmentally friendly process is used to protect metals against external influences, in order to extend their durability and lifespan. The procedure is used for a wide range of materials and products with a variety of shapes and purposes.

Screen printing
Screen printing signifies printing of graphic elements on sheet metal products, used in order for faceplates for appliances to obtain final high aesthetic appearance and value.

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